Thursday, December 2, 2010

In a little over a month, I, as a sophomore in college, will begin one of the greatest adventures of my life - I will be studying in Madrid, Spain.  Leaving on January 8th and returning on May 11th.  As a way to keep in contact with people back home, I made a blog to share the stories of my adventures.

I will be living with a host mom, Gloria.  Gloria is a 55 year old, widowed, retired bank worker, vegan.  She lives in a duplex apartment with 3 bedrooms - I will have a "house-mate" - Maya.  Maya is from Japan and is studying in Spain for the entire year.  I have contacted Maya and I believe we will get along great!

I can not express the gratitude for the opportunity to study abroad - thank you Mom and Dad :)  I will miss everyone, but spending four months in Europe will be worth it!

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