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A week ago I traveled to Barcelona with a couple of friends for one last European adventure.  I had been told by just about everyone that it you are in Europe especially in Spain you must go to Barcelona.  Everyone tells me it is one of the most amazing places you will ever visit.  When being told how amazing a place is I have very high expectations for that place.  I had a good time in Barcelona, but I think I was done with the whole traveling aspect of studying abroad – I didn’t want to figure out a new city and things to do and all that jazz.  I want to make this blog short and with the most important parts of the trip.  I guess I am also getting tired with blogging and giving all the details about the trip.  Hopefully you will still be able to get the needed information of my trip.

We left early on Saturday morning – our flight was at 8:20 so we had to get on the first metro at 6 o’clock in the morning! Way too early! Once we landed in Girona we had to take a bus to Barcelona which took about an hour or so.  From the bus stop we took the metro to the hostel to meet up with our other friends and then we walked around Barcelona.  One of the people I went to Barcelona with, Kara had been to Barcelona before so she knew the places to go and all that jazz.  It was really nice that I didn’t have to make decision for most of the weekend, but I still had to make decision.  I think I am going to post some pictures and then write a little description about them – I think that is the quickest and shortest way to tell you guys about Barcelona.

On our first walk from the hostel we went to this park - a beautiful fountain is what we came across.  The water was so blue it seemed unreal.  My first thought of Barcelona was this is beautiful - I need to move here.

After the park we started to make our way to La Sagrada Familia we came across the triumph arch of Barcelona.  I didn't have any background knowledge going to Barcelona and to be honest I wasn't really that interested in learning all the information about the architecture or why something is there.  I mean I did learn a little about the sites in Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia is a church that was designed by Gaudi - a very famous architect with many works in Barcelona.  La Sagrada Familia was breath taking - so modern.  It is a church like you have never seen before - trust me! It made me realize this is what we need in today's world - churches that are modern and continue the Catholic tradition.  I believe it was this past year when Pope Benidict dedicated the church and now there can be mass said in the church.  However, I think I still find the older churches more impressive, but both are amazing.  This picture is from the inside of the church, I know it might not look modern but trust me on this one it was nothing like you have ever seen before.

After La Sagrada Familia we went to Parc Guell which is another place designed by Gaudi.  This man was a genius and there is no other way to explain it! There are mosaics every where, which is what the picture is above.  However, there was a lot of people at the park which made it lose its appeal a little bit.  There are two things that I believe make or break a trip: the weather and the amount of people.  Yes, there are other factors what go into making a trip wonderful, but if it is pouring rain and hundreds of people I don't think you will have the same experience if it was sunny and not crowed.

Lisa, me, and Kara at Parc Guell - it was wonderful out :)

One of the best bands I have heard - very chill and unique.

There is a famous market in Barcelona - La Boqueria on the famous street of Las Ramblas.  There was fruit, chocolate, sheep heads, and a bunch of random things.  One of the best markets I have been here since arriving in Spain.  The other markets did not have all the fresh fruit smoothies this market had.

Example of the fruit smooties - only one euro too! I have kiwi - straight up kiwi! So good!

Saturday night we were walking around Barcelona and we went to the coast and came across a random concert.  The band was singing in English and was actually pretty decent - it was a random fun time for sure.

Sunday we went to one of the most famous Gaudi houses in Barcelona.  Gaudi was my soulmate - he designed most of his works off of nature mostly off of water.  This house we visited contained no straight lines to represent water and it was just amazing to see how literally everything in the house represented water in some way.  Completely amazing.

Picture on the roof of one of Gaudi's houses.

Water :)

Lisa outside a really great sandwich shop we had for lunch before we headed to the beach on Sunday afternoon :)

Kara, me, and Lisa on the beach in Barcelona. Such a great day!

Probably one of the best pictures of the entire trip! I love Kara's face.

I went swimming alone - everyone said the water was too cold.  I braved the cold to swim in the Mediterranean Sea and I really had to pee as well so it was a double win situation.  

On the beach, Colin dug a really big hole while Kara, Lisa, and I bathed in the sun.

Kara and I with our ice cream :)

Jeff, Lisa, Colin, and I on the beach! It was a good day!

Last night in Barcelona - we had a good time... Colin was a little heavier than I thought he would be - good thing I am so strong!

I am sorry this blog is short and sweet, but it is what it is.  Barcelona was fun, but it could have been a lot better.  I wish I would have gone when I wasn't so burnt out from traveling to a bunch of other places.  I am glad I went, but I want to go back and see more of Barcelona some day!

Paz y Amor. God Bless.

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  1. I love your comment about peeing in the ocean...that sounds like my motivation to go swimming even when it is cold too! haha. love your craziness