Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Full Week

Hello everyone!  You read it right, I am on my last full week in Madrid, Spain.  We are in the single digits until I get home - nine days buddy!  Crazy I know! Well this past weekend I traveled to Barcelona, however, I am not really in the mood tonight to give the play by play of my experience of Barcelona.  Therefor this is going to be more of a little reflective blog and I will give the play by play about the end of last week.  I will be blogging about Barcelona eventually - I will write a little bit everyday for a study break and hopefully it will be completed by the end of the week and if not I will for sure do it this coming weekend.  Overall I would say I am ready to come home - I really don't want to study and take finals, but that is part of college and it is time to buckle down and do work for about a week and then come home.

Well I will start by telling about my week...  Thursday night my group of friends went to watch the dance performance at school.  At SLU-Madrid there are a variety of dance classes and music classes and there is an end of the year performance that is put on by all the people who took the classes.  Anyways the performance was suppose to start at 6:30 and of course since we in Spain it didn't start until around 6:45 or so.  I was told the performance was suppose to last about two hours - I knew I was going to miss dinner, but I thought I would be home around 9 - that is what I told Gloria. Well the performance was actually about three and a half hours long - I left with about 4 acts to go and it was 9:40.  Most of the people that stayed the entire time did not get home until almost 11 - Way too long!  It was fun to see some of our friends dancing - some looked really nervous and others fully embraced being on stage and had the time of their lives.  Seeing people having fun on stage and dancing - even if they were not the best dancers - made me wish I would have stayed dancing.  However, it is not something I regret really, because I would not give up the experiences I had playing volleyball and basketball for anything.  Those two sports, maybe volleyball more than basketball, helped me to become the person I am today.  They taught me lesson that dance never could have - any athelete will understand exactly what I am trying to say here.

Anyways Thursday Lisa wanted to go out dancing or clubbing for her birthday - some people said they were too tired or didn't have enough time after the dance performance to come out so the group was smaller, but it was still an interesting night to say the least.  Our plan was to go to a bar to get a drink and then head over to Joy (the club).  Well the bar we normally go to was already closed.  I would have been completely fine going straight to Joy, even though nothing would have been happening at Joy, but some people in our group NEEDED more alcohol - I put that in caps because they said they would not go into the club  unless they got more alcohol.  Well we decided to go into Joy - it was only free until 1:30 - and then get out hand stamped and come back later and not have to wait in line.  After we all got our hands stamps we went to an Irish bar so the people in the group could get the alcohol they so despriatly needed.  Well we were all about to leave the bar and then two of our other friends met up with us and decided they wanted to go to another bar because it has open bar until two and then they would meet us at Joy.  So the people who didn't want to drink more went to Joy and then others met us there later.  Well I was completely sober the entire night - and proud of that fact.  Anyways when the others met up with us - they were completely trashed.  One of the girls drank too much too fast and ended up throwing up at the club and passing out - we took turns baby sitting her for the entire night.  It was 90's night at the club so that was meant some wonderful music!! I loved it!!  We ended up staying at the club until about 5:30am and then we went to get churros con chocolate - a Madrid favorite.  I was going to take the metro home at 6am when it reopened, but I didn't feel comfortable taking it alone and then having to take about 10 minutes to my house so I just took a taxi - I think I made the right call.  However, overall Madrid is a safe city - but a blonde girl like me walking home at 6am by herself probably not the best idea.  Anyways, I did it!! I stayed out all night - I had a great time too.  Well I went to bed around 7am and then our cleaning lady comes on Friday therefore I had to get up around 10am so she could clean my room - yay three hours of sleep.  Something funny is, Maya and Gloria went to Barcelona this past weekend as well and they left for the airport in the morning before I even got home - good times!!

Friday was a pretty chill day - I spent most of the day studying for finals.  It was so much fun!  Well Susana, a old host student who now lives in Madrid, came over to spend the weekend at the apartment - mostly to take care of the cat, but also I wasn't allowed to stay the night alone in the apartment - I kind of had a baby sitter.  I had some friends come over at night - the ones who I went to Barcelona with to spend the night.  They spent the night because they lived farther south and they were afraid they wouldn't have enough time to get to the airport by the metro and they didn't want to pay for a taxi.  Well we all just hung out - they didn't get to my house until a little after ten.  We ended up going to bed a little before midnight and waking up at 5:15 to go to the airport... the rest will be continued in my Barcelona blog...

I believe the lack of sleep I have gotten over the past couple of days - about five - has made me feel a little under the weather.  I will be hitting the sack early tonight to catch up on some sleep and hopefully chase this little bug away.  I am just about prepared for my exam on Wednesday - I have about another hour of looking this over and then I should be ready to dominate the exam!  I have been working on my study guide for ethics and now I am just waiting for class tomorrow to go over the questions and then I will be able to study for that exam.  However, making the study guide has already greatly helped in my studying - I have had to go and look back at the different philosophizers we have seen throughout the semester and what which one is about - it has been a good start.  I don't think I should need that much time to study for Ethics.  As much as I dislike the class I pay attention and I have retained more information than I thought I did.  My exam on Friday is another story - history.  I am having a hard time even finding a place to begin to study for my history exam - the good news is I should be getting together with Lisa and hopefully she can help me out tomorrow!  Don't worry I will keep you guys updated.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes - I have no idea where the semester went!  It is so crazy!

In Barcelona (I know I said I wouldn't talk about it, but just deal with it) we walked to the beach on Sunday night and just sat there and talked.  Well they talked I mostly listened to the waves - it is a wonderful place to think.  Something we talked about was what we want to do after college - career, family, house etc. After we we all shared - I said I wanted to join the Jesuit corps and have a family and a career that has something to do with water - that is all I got right now.  But it got me thinking about all the stuff I want to do in life and I came to the conclusion that studying abroad has made me a little greedy.  I have traveled so many places in just a short four months that it makes me feel like I can accomplish so much in my life - but it has made me greedy too.  My thoughts when I was sitting on the beach all seemed to revolve around "me".  It was about what I want to do after college, where I want to travel, where I want to live, and on and on...  I don't know if it is a normal feeling to have or what.  There is just so much I want to do, but I have to remember it is not all about me.  I have to remember to look into what God wants to do/to be and what is best for everyone in my life.  Just some thoughts.  Water is one of the most relaxing parts of nature - I know I need to live by some body of water.  I think at first I want to live on the coast - I want to get the feel of living on the ocean - who knows where.  I just love water :)

Well it is getting late and I want to get some sleep tonight.  Have a great week everyone!!

Preview of the pictures from Barcelona :)

Paz y Amor.  God Bless.

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