Thursday, May 5, 2011

Less Than a Week

Well today was my last Thursday in Spain – it is a crazy thought.  It finally hit me this morning that I am leaving Madrid so soon.  I asked Gloria what time we would be leaving for the airport and everything like that this morning and breakfast and at the end of the conversation she told Maya and me that she is going to be really sad when we leave and was starting to tear up a little – I think it was there it hit me that I really have made a home from myself in Madrid and it is going to be hard to leave.  Yes, I am excited to go home and see everyone but that doesn’t erase the fact that I am leaving a whole life behind me – once you study abroad you will completely understand what I am feeling at the present moment.

Gloria is doing everything she can to make the last week Maya and I have in Madrid is wonderful.  We have gotten to pick our favorite meals for Gloria to make one last time – I picked pasta with pesto – simple but amzing.  And the pesto is homemade.  Maya picked some rice dish.  Gloria also asked us what fruit we would like to have for our last couple days in Spain!  She is really trying her hardest to make sure Maya and I are happy.  Which leads me to my next point – I feel like a bad host daughter at some points.  Since it is finals week I have been spending the majority of my time studying in my room or at school with friends.  Finding the balance on spending enough time at home with Gloria and with all the friends I have met here is complicated.  I feel as though I am being pulled in too many directions and I don’t want to let people down – but I need to be a little selfish I think and I need to do what I need to do.  To be honest though Glo has been getting on my nerves a little bit – she just seems so helpless.  I know I should be saying this, but it is true.  As you all know she is pregnant and now she is engaged – different order but that is okay.  Anyways she just got engaged this past Saturday and everything is about the wedding already – it is going to be a VERY quick engagement.  Glo wants to get married before she becomes huge with the baby – she is not waiting until after she is pregnant which is what I thought would happen.  In her perfect little world she would be getting married at the end of this month – I think that is CRAZY!! However, Glo has been over every day since we have gotten back from Barcelona and last night at dinner she was taking about her wedding dress and it was cute to see her face light up when she talks about just purchases the dress.  Gloria has been very busy with Glo and planning the wedding already so our meals have not been the best the last couple of days, but that is okay.  Also before today we have not had fruit in the house for a couple of days, but today that all changed.

Well yesterday I had my first exam – The environment and development of Latin American.  It was seven essays that we had to answer.  Some of the questions were easy to answer while others it was hard to know what the professor was actually looking for in the answer – but overall I think it went well.  Today I had my ethics exam.  It went about the same way the first one did so I am going to predict I got about an B+ on the exam – I would very happy if I got a B or a B+ in my ethics class – philosophy in general is just not my thing.  Tomorrow I have my history exam which I was worried about at first, but I have studied a little bit everyday and I am feeling a lot more confident in the exam.  I also reviewed with a couple of friends after our last Sangria Thursday.  Once again everything is becoming very bittersweet.  I want to go home, but today I don’t feel ready to go home.  I don’t feel like I have experience everything I have wanted to since being in Madrid.  For example, most of the time I have gone out on the weekends with friends in Madrid we have gone to Sol, but there are so many other places to go in Madrid and we never really experienced them.  It is so easy to get into a routine when we are comfortable and not want to branch out and challenge yourself.  I believe a lot of people, including me, get comfortable with something and just stay with it.  However, this experience has taught me I need to branch out when I start feeling comfortable.  Remembering I love to meet people is something I need to keep in mind when I get that feeling of feeling comfortable.

Well I wrote most of this blog before dinner today and then dinner happened.  For some reason just one dinner can change your outlook well at least it changed mine on everything that has been happening lately.  It was the first dinner in a while where I felt like really talking.  First we had pesto pasta for dinner which was amazing!! One of the things we talked about during dinner was Glo and the wedding.  Gloria spent most of the day running around to find a dress for Glo and trying to get everything in order for the wedding.  The reason Glo wants to have the wedding so fast is because of her boyfriend.  He wants to get married before they have the baby – easy for him to say since he doesn’t do much for a wedding.  As of right now the wedding, if all possible the wedding is supposed to be the second of June – how crazy is that?!  Gloria is really stressed with trying to help Glo with everything and then spend time with Maya and I before we head off to the airport and all go our separate ways.  We just had nice conversation throughout the entire dinner.  Something funny that happened at dinner is we were talking about how some people are not happy in the world today and how those people need to remember the good things in life… and me being the smarty pants I am I said mango (we have mango for dessert) we all got a good laugh about that.  Gloria said she would always remember that when she is feeling sad about something.  Dinner was great tonight – it makes me really think I am going to miss Spain – even though I am beyond excited to go home. 
Well that is all for tonight.  Sorry I haven’t blogged about Barcelona – maybe I will do it this weekend or when I get home – hopefully soon.  I should be studying for my history exam tomorrow – I just have to review once or twice and then it will all be good! See you all soon!

Paz y Amor.  God Bless.

Another picture from Barcelona :)

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