Sunday, May 8, 2011

Last weekend in Madrid.

Well this was my last weekend in Madrid – such a crazy thought.  Everything the last couple of blogs have somewhat been crazy – just so many emotions running through me at the moment.  Anyways back to my last weekend in Madrid.  I had my history final on Friday – I studied with some friends before the exam and I thought we were all well prepared for the exam.  We were supposed to have one essay, one short answer, and identification (he gives us a word and then we explain it in a couple of sentences).  We got the exam and there actually were two essays and 10 identifications.  First the essays prompts were awful – we had to pick two of the four.  Most of the essays prompts were too broad or too specific.  One of the essays was basically to explain the broad concepts of the whole semester while another was to explain something we spent about fifteen minutes on in class.  Overall the exam was horrible, but it wasn’t easy either.  After the exam my friend Zack took me out for ice cream.  After went home I went home and had dinner and then I was supposed to go with some friends, but instead I had a nice relaxing evening and just stayed in.  I haven’t been up that late studying, but I was just exhausted from the past week.  I think it is just all the emotions that have been flowing through me from exams and the thought of my time winding down in Spain. 

Saturday I got up and did a little studying and had breakfast as usual.  I was meeting some of my friends – well most of my friends here – at a famous tapas bar in Madrid that I hadn’t been to yet.  Most of us got mojitos and a bunch of delicious tapas :) It was really fun and Flat Stanley was there too.  Flat Stanley is from Parker, my little cousin back in the states.  Flat Stanley had a great time at the bar and then we took him to sol – the city center in Madrid.  I didn’t get home until about 6 and then I Skyped my friend Kelsey.  I cannot wait to go home and see people – and I know they are all ready to see me too!  After dinner on Saturday I took a little rest time and then got ready and met some friends and we went the Egyptian Temple and chilled for the night.  It was a really great night – very low key.  It was nice to just all hang out and not have to worry about what bar we were going to or anything like that.  Megan came a little later for her birthday! I love that girl and I am going to miss her bunches!! Here are some pictures from the day!

Flat Stanley on the metro! He loved it!

Elizabeth, Flat Stanley and I at el tigre!

Stanley eating some traditional Spanish food - paella.

Jack and I with Flat Stanley.

The girls :) I am going to miss these guys!

Flat Stanley and I hiding from the rain!

Stanley in the city center - sol!

Today was a day filled with attempted studying and a family lunch.  I was actually productive this morning and then I got distracted and just chilled until we had our family Japanese lunch.  I was really excited to have vegan Japanese meal, but it wasn’t all I had expected it to be.  We had the soup Maya has every morning for breakfast and it always had looked good to me – but it was way too salty and I could never have that for breakfast every day – I will stick with my fruit and toast and yogurt.  We had sushi and other Japanese food.  Most of which was fried which was not the best but still good.  The dessert – not a fan, pretty sure it was beans and you all know how much of a fan of beans I am. Haha.  Well I guess I will never be Japanese – it’s all good though.  Lunch lasted about two and a half hours which was a lot longer than I wanted it to.  I was just really tired and wanted to get back to reviewing for my exam.  After lunch I studied a little and then talked to my family.  I got to talk to my grandma, mom, dad, and brother.  I know they are all really excited to see me.  After Skyping I studied a little more and then we had ice cream and then said our goodbyes because it was probably one of the last times I am going to see most of the people that came over.  I like hanging out with Gloria’s family, but sometimes it feels like Maya and I are being ignored and they all speak so fast.  I had a good time.  After dinner Maya, Gloria, and I just talked – that is one of the things I am going to miss most about Madrid.  Then I studied a little more and just chilled and wrote this blog.  But it is time for me to get some sleep and be well rested for my exam tomorrow.

Paz y Amor. God Bless.

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