Sunday, March 6, 2011

A little bit of everything

Hello my long lost readers,

Sorry I have been slacking on my mad blogging skills lately - things have been a little hectic around the Madrid area lately.  Midterms ended and I am trying to get back into the so called "normal" swing of things.  I have been traveling just about every weekend lately - all since Morocco so it has been a little difficult to keep up with the blog, but this week I should have a little more time to update everyone on the things that have been going on in my life.  Tonight though I will just give the details of the past couple of days along with some pictures :)

Thursday was a pretty normal except for one thing – we were all hanging out in the lounge and Adam comes in and starts talking about a Real Madrid soccer game.  It was really weird because I had just told Elizabeth that I really didn’t want to go to the game on March 16th because it was really expensive.  We over hear Adam talking to the other people and he is saying that the tickets for Thursday’s game were only 20 Euros – it sounded perfect all expect for one thing: my bus for Malaga was leaving at 7:30 in the morning on Friday and I was going to have to leave my house at 6:15am!!! Well after talking with my mom and brother and some other people I decided it was worth going to because it was the cheapest game I was going to find and it is a culture thing.  Well the game started at 10 and since we had to meet outside the stadium to pick up our tickets we didn’t get to see the start of the game because two of the people in our group were 45 minutes late to our meeting time – kind of a little upsetting but I guess it happens.  Anyways our seats for the soccer game were really far up, but the game was still amazing! Everyone gets into the soccer game sooo much! It was really cool to see.  Real Madrid played Malaga (kind of ironic since I was going to Malaga the next morning).  Malaga really never had a chance against Real Madrid.  To be honest I don’t really know much about the Real Madrid or soccer for that matter so I can’t really give you much detail to the game – all I know is Real Madrid kicked Malaga’s butt 7-0 and the atmosphere was great!!

Pictures from the game! :)


Real Madrid kicking Malaga's butt!

Me, Kyle, and Kara at the Real Madrid soccer game :)
 This weekend I traveled to Malaga with Colin, Lisa, and Kara.  We all wanted a really chill weekend and we thought the best place to do that would be a beach of course.  We traveled by bus about six hours to southern Spain.  To be honest there isn’t really much to tell about what we did all weekend because we didn’t do that much.  On Friday we arrived around 2 and got to our hostel – which was on the beach – at about 3:30.  We were all really hungry so we went to find a super market.  We asked at the hostel and the guy told us to walk about 10-15 minutes down this road and we would come across SuperSol.  Well we were walking and talking and we walked from about 20 minutes and found no SuperSol but we did find and OpenCor so we went there and bought some snacks for the beach.  We had a little picnic on the beach and just sat there – it was wonderful.  :)  After we got too cold we came back the hostel and on the way we found the SuperSol it was about a 3 minute walk from the hostel – we have no idea where the guy thought it would take 10 to 15 minutes to walk there – unless he thought Americans walk really really slow.  We went out to a nice Italian dinner on Friday night complete with a glass of red wine.  I had cheese ravioli – it was real cheese and amazing :) that is about all we did on Friday.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and then went to the beach my 9:30am – it was pretty windy but sunny. We just hung out on the beach for a couple of hours and then I got cold so we went back to the hostel and were blocked from the nasty wind but still had sunshine.  It was still a little cold so I went and got a blanket from our room and then proceeded to take a nap in the sun – it was just what I needed.  The afternoon was cloudy in Malaga so we walked around the town and saw a cathedral and a castle.  However, my camera broke (kind of – it takes really burly pictures – good thing mom and dad are coming soon to bring me a new one) so I don’t have any pictures of the town – Sorry!! After we walked around town we stopped at the SuperSol by our hostel and got pasta and strawberries to have for dinner!  I also bought a bar of chocolate because I was in need of some chocolate!  It made me in a better mood right away.  Again we had a really chill night – just made dinner, played cards, and talked.  It was really nice.

Today it was cloudy and rainy for most of the morning so Lisa and I stayed inside and had a good like chat or heart to heart as we called it.  We went on the beach for one last time and then walked about an hour to the bus station – we didn’t feel like taking or paying for the city buses.  It is weird how walking an hour to the bus stop is not that big of deal here. Where back in the States I am sure I would have been complaining a lot of walking that fair just to get to a bus.  Well that was the play by play of my weekend.  Tomorrow I want to do more of a reflective blog since I haven’t done that in a while – I have a lot to say, but tonight is not that night for it.
There was snow in the mountains on the way to Malaga.

Hello Mediterranean Sea :)


Rocks and water - it doesn't get much better than that.

The last three pictures are me trying to be artsy.

Well I believe that is all for tonight.  It was a short blog with not much insight into my personal feelings about everything that has been going on lately, but I have to be in the mood to do that.  I am tired and it midnight and I have to finish up some homework yet.  But I hope everyone had a good and safe Mardi Gras and that the Orgo test went well and the Orgo lab test goes well tomorrow (Kelsey stop reading this and study!!).  Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday as a reminder to anyone :)  Have a great Sunday.  Mom and Dad come in  11 days!!! So excited!!

Paz y Amor.  God Bless.

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