Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thirsty Thursday?

Today was not a thirsty Thursday.  Instead of going to get sangria today after class I decided to go for a run at the track.  It was a gorgeous day out - the sun was shining and it was warm!! Classes were not too bad today as well.  My friend Zack asked me to go to Corte Ingles - a huge department store - it even has a grocery store.  Anyways Zack's watch broke so we went to try to get it fixed - he speaks barely any Spanish so he wanted me to be the translator - haha what a joke.  Well we successfully got his watch fixed with a little bit of an adventure.

Tomorrow I am leaving for a retreat in the Northern part of Spain - Loyola.  And yes Mom and Dad I have learned to say Loyola with no problem - I legit practiced in my room so I could actually tell people where I was going this weekend - I know I am pretty lame.  Well this is going to be short blog - I don't really have anymore to say.  Just good luck to all the MCB kids tomorrow on their test - especially Scott, Kelsey, Megan, and Michael!! I know you guys will do great.  Also good luck on any of the other midterms you have! I will be praying for you this weekend :) ONE WEEK until Mom and Dad are here!!

That is all for tonight. I have to pack and finish some homework.  Goodnight.

Paz y Amor.  God Bless.

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  1. Oh Sweet Pea, I am laughing so hard, I'm crying. I can just picture you struggling to say Loyola. Your tongue must be exhausted. Thank you so much for the entertainment. That sure tops my singing "Stuck like glue" to my pillow this morning. We are such losers! I can't wait to see you. Only one more week. Have a great retreat. I LOVE YOU.
    Love, Mom