Monday, April 11, 2011

A day in a walled city.

Well as promised I am going to deliver a wonderful blog about the trip to Avila – well maybe it won’t be wonderful but I will give you a play by play. So Sunday I slept in a little bit – until 9 o’clock! Yayy! And then had breakfast (toast and a banana) and then worked on some homework and showered.  Then it was off to the bus station to Avila.  Gloria made us sandwiches to take with us – our plan was to have a picnic in a park once we arrived to Avila.  When we left Madrid around noon for the bus station it was sunny and wonderful aka I wore shorts and a tank top and sweater.  Well when we arrived to Avila it was completely cloudy and cold.  We made our way to the tourism office and got a map and ate lunch in the office – it was cold outside.  But I wasn’t going to complain it was what it was.  The first thing we did was make our way to cathedral and go inside.  It was not warm inside at all but it was still beautiful.  Some of the cathedral was under construction for Semana Santa – Easter week so we were not able to see the main altar completely – but it didn’t matter.  I think what makes me feel like there is a difference in the cathedrals I visit is the feeling I get when I go inside them – I cannot even try to begin to explain it.  When we left the cathedral it was sunny!! The weather had improved greatly which made the trip a lot more enjoyable.  After the cathedral we went to climb the wall of Avila – the view was amazing.  After that part of the wall we walked around and came across some bands playing tradition Easter music – it was really cool to hear.  Next we found the other entrance of the wall and walked around on the wall for about another hour or so.  By the time we were done walking on the wall, we didn’t have much time until we had to be back at the bus station so we just walked around a little more and went into the basilica for a couple of minutes – they were about to have mass.  The trip was a lot better than I thought it would be.  I personally thought it was going to be awkward and boring, but it was the complete opposite.  I had a lot of fun! I am glad I decided to go for sure! Here are some pictures from the trip.

Maya and I in front of the Cathedral.

The wall.

It was beautiful.

Gloria and Me! :)

Just a pretty picture!


House of Saint Teresa!


Well as some of you know my phone was not connecting to wifi at home for some reason the last couple of days.  When I got home from school today my friend Thomas tried to help me fix my phone from the States.  He was researching all these different ways to have me connect to the wifi at my house and none of them were working.  But then he told me to make sure my phone was up to date - and guess what!? All I had to was to update my phone and it connected to the internet right away.  Thanks Thomas!!  

Nothing else is too exciting in my life right now.  I completely finished my history paper and I just sent my ethics paper to a couple people to have them look it over for me.  I also have an art history exam tomorrow - I believe I am prepared for it! I will look over my notes one more time and the powerpoint slides and hope it will all be good.  I just really wanted to read my book!

Don't lie.

Paz y Amor. God Bless.

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