Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Night Out in Madrid

Wednesday -during the day - was nothing too special - I feel like that has become a trend lately.  I did however finish my history paper.  Now I have to write my ethics paper that is due next Thursday and study for my art history exam on Tuesday.  I was doing pretty well on the paper and now I hit a writers block.  I have 1,138 words written - it has to be 2,500 words - hopefully with the sources my professor gave me I will be able to somehow write the last 1,000 or so words of the paper this weekend and then just correct during the week. Oh on Wednesday I had my EAS (Environment and Development of Latin America) presentation.  I did the presentation with Zack and our topic was the causes of water pollution in Venezuela.  We both think it went really well and we got positive feedback from our professor so hopefully the grade will reflect this!

Glo - my host sister - who is about 28 is pregnant! Does this make me an aunt? Haha.  Anyways she has been feeling pretty sick lately so Gloria has been gone a lot this week to take care of her or accompany her to the doctor.  And yesterday Glo spent most of the day here so Maya and I haven't had the chance to talk to Gloria much this week.  Also, Susana - a old host student - who now lives in Madrid is also sick so Gloria has been taking care of her too.  Gloria is such a nice person - always trying to make other people happy!

So Wednesday night I went out.  I haven't really gone out on school nights because I have school the next day.  But I realized I don't have that much more time to go in Madrid and Europe in general so why not live it up!! Haha.  Most of my friends came and some new friends came and we all went to this place called Bourbon Cafe. It has open bar from 11:30 to 2:30 every Wednesday and it is few for girls to get in and only 5 euros for guys.  The open bar only consists of boxed sangria or really crappy beer - but it was a great time!  We were like the first people in the place, but it didn't matter.  Me and my friends basically danced the entire time and just had a blast! I wasn't going to go out, but I am so glad I did!  There were some creepy Spanish men trying to hit on me, but I just danced with my friends for the majority of the night.  We even went up on a little stage that they have there - I can't really describe how much fun it was just to hang out and dance :)  I actually took a night bus home - it wasn't that bad at all.  The only bad part of the night was not getting home until about 4am and then waking up at 8:30 and having class at 11.  However, I really didn't drink so I was just tired and didn't have to worry about other things.

Tonight I am staying low key and I tried to work on my ethics paper but I have to wait for my professor to email me back about my sources, since I can't find them on the library website.  But I will review for my art history test and get some sleep.  Tomorrow Maya, Gloria, and I are going to Avila for the day.  We will be leaving our house at 9 and then taking a bus to the Avila - it is about a 45 minutes bus ride.  I stopped at this city on my way to Salamanca in the being of the semester, but it will be nice to have a chance to walk around and see the town.  Tomorrow night I think three of my friends are coming over to have a girls night/watch movies.  I am excited! :)

I wanted to add some personal thoughts in this blog, but I realized I don't really have anything that exciting to say - sorry guys.  My blogs have been on the boring side lately.  I will try to write an interesting one at some point this weekend! Oh!! One thing I was thinking about was when I go back to the States I will not be blogging - I think it will be weird.  Right now people stalk my life because I am studying abroad, but when I go back to the States people are not going to know what I am doing all the time basically.  Maybe I will start another blog where I can post thoughts and stuff - I probably won't do a play-by-play blog like this one, but it has been really healthy for me to have this blog I believe and part of me really wants to keep a blog going.

Yesterday I had some interesting Skype session.  The first one was with Scott and Kelsey.  I Skype chatted Scott not knowing he was in MCB with Kelsey.  Anyways Scott proceeds to video call me on Skype and I am on mute since they are in class, but I could hear everything that their teacher was saying.  It was funny to Skype them during their class.  A while after I was done Skyping I get a Facebook message from my friend Michael asking me why I didn't stay for class.  I was what are you talking about?  I am in Spain and you in St. Louis.  And he proceeded to tell me that he sits about 3 rows behind Kelsey and Scott and he saw me skyping them!! I thought it was so epic and funny!! Good story.  I also got to Skype with Steven yesterday!  I love my big brother even though he kept dropping me (he was skyping me on mom's phone and kept dropping the phone!)!! Gotta love him though. I cannot wait to go home and hang out with Steven! I miss him so much!! Love you brother :)

Well I think that is all for tonight.  I am going to get my stuff ready for tomorrow and just relax and read over some of my art history notes and call it a night - a lazy night for sure! Oh I do have other stories if anyone is interested - I just don't want to post them for the whole world to see!!

Paz y Amor.  God Bless.

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