Sunday, April 10, 2011

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This weekend did not go as it was planned.  I will start from Thursday night.  Thursday night was really chill and I ended up going to bed before Gloria got home – I heard her come home but I just got into bed so I just decided to lay in bed and see her in the morning.  I should have gotten out of bed to talk to her.  As you know Friday we were suppose to take a trip to Avila, therefore I got up at 7:30 in the morning to shower and get ready by 8:30 to go downstairs for breakfast and the to leave.  I walked downstairs in my cute little sun dress and Gloria and Maya are wearing sweatpants and t-shirts.  I thought to myself “Hmmm.. that is weird, we are suppose to be leaving in 30 minutes and they aren’t dressed.”  Gloria came to say good morning to me and told me that we were not going to Avila today.  You got to be kidding me was my first thought.  I had the hardest time getting out of bed and now we’re not going!  She explained that Glo still had a sore throat and a fever so she had to stay in Madrid and go to her house to take care of her.  I told Gloria it wasn’t a big deal at all and I understood, but I was kind of mad and disappointed.  During breakfast she asked if we could go on Saturday instead and I told her I couldn’t because I already had plans and then she asked about Sunday and I told her I had to talk to some people and then I would let her know – we were suppose to go out for a friend’s birthday on Saturday night. 

I really didn’t understand why Glo’s boyfriend or another friend couldn’t take care of her.  But I guess it is motherly instinct to have to take care of your children.  Also the culture is different here than in the USA.  For example, it is very rare for a child to go away to college in another city.  The only time it happens is when the university doesn’t offer the major that they want, but normally you attend the university closest to you and just choose your major off of the ones they offer – totally different from the States.  Also normally people do not move out of the house until they are getting married – leaving home at 22 right out of college is unheard of.  I guess I would say the normal age to leave your parents house in Spain is about 27 years old.  Some of my friends have host siblings that are about 33 years old and are still living at home – completely unheard of in the US.  Like I said at first I was mad that a 28ish grown woman could not take care of herself, but I have to realize that the culture is completely different.

Since we were not going to Avila I worked on some homework and then made some plans with friends.  We all met up at school around 1:30 to go to Plaza de España to eat Chinese food.  Well it was a Friday so I wasn’t able to eat meat since it is Lent so Elizabeth and I went to find some ice cream – we both had some sort of lunch before meeting up with people.  We just hung out in Plaza for a while and then Elizabeth and I wanted to go and find an American book store – we wanted something to read for Saturday.  We asked people if they knew where one was and Mike did so we all took a little walk to find the book store.  We found the store and it was a cute little bar and then the bookstore is downstairs with a bunch of used books – all in English.  I had no idea what kind of book I was looking for so I just started to look around.  I finally came across a book that seemed to be the most interesting to me.  90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper.  It is a true story of a man what was killed in a car accident and went to heaven and then miraculously came back to life.  It is a story of his journey – it is amazing!  I would recommend it to anyone!  After the book store I headed back home for dinner. 

After dinner Elizabeth came over and then Kara and Lisa came over.  It was great to just hang out with people without having to go someone or get dressed up or anything – we could just hang out.  It is interesting that most people are not allowed to have people over at their houses’.  I personally don’t think that is fair – I mean we are use to dorm or apartment living where people are in and out of our rooms all day long and it doesn’t matter what hour or anything like that.  And then we come here and there isn’t a central location that we can just all hang out and relax – watch a movie or just talk.  I have missed that a lot since being in Madrid.  However, sometimes it is nice – not having easy access to hang out with people makes to feel not obligated to hang out with people all the time.  We had the greatest time watching the greatest movie ever made: Remember the Titans.

Saturday the plan was to go to T.G.I Fridays for lunch around 11:30 and then Elizabeth and I were going to go to the park where I run to lay out, since it was supposed be to about 80 degrees.  Well Elizabeth and I met up at 11 to take the metro to Plaza de España – where T.G.I. Fridays is.  Well we got there and we were waiting for three other people to come and we realized it didn’t open until one.  So when everyone got there we needed to make a new game.  Kara, Lisa, and Liz decided to walk to the Temple and check that out while Elizabeth and I decided to lay out.  We found a nice grassy spot and laid out – literally in our swimsuits.  It wasn’t as awkward as we thought – we only got honked at like 4 times. After about an hour and half we went back to have lunch at T.G.I. Fridays – I haven’t been to one in the US and I think it is weird that my first one was in Madrid.  Anyways the food was amazing!! Nice and American for sure.  I had a raspberry rose mojito – best drink I have ever had!! Then we had potato skins for our appetizers and then I had a southwest burger – I cannot explain to your how good red meat was!!! Oh and then Elizabeth and I split some Oreo ice cream thing for dessert – I was soo full! But it was all worth it and the price was expensive but so worth it.  After lunch Elizabeth and I went back to our grassy spot in the Plaza and laid out some more.  Nothing that exciting happened we just laid there with our food babies and talked and read.  However, these four Italian men came up to us and asked if we were Italian and then French and then Spanish and Elizabeth and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing we were like we are for sure American.  None of them spoke English very well but we thought they wanted us to take a picture of them, but then one of the guys laid down in between Elizabeth and I and another guy took our picture.  Kind of weird I think.  And then they kept asking us if we had Facebook or a phone number and we just kept saying no and they finally got the hit and went on their way.  We got home around 6:30 and I showered and then ate dinner and then relaxed for a while and then finally got ready to go for a friend’s birthday.  Neither Elizabeth nor I really wanted to go out but we went anyways – however, we did not stay long at all.  We got to sol kind of early and watched a really funny mime perform and then met up with everyone – most people were pretty drunk and there were just too many of us – like 17.  We went to montiditos to get sangria and beer for cheap and it was just a mess so Elizabeth and I left and went to Plaza Mayor and had a beer and then went home.  I am just done with stupid drunk people basically.

Well today I went to Avila.  We got home about an hour and a half later than we thought so I have to get some homework done.  Therefore I will post pictures and blog about Avila hopefully tomorrow!! Sorry guys!   Hope everyone’s MCB test went well and I hope you all do well on orgo! Love you all.

Paz y Amor. God Bless.

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