Thursday, April 14, 2011

Semana Santa 2011

I am officially on Spring Break!!! I guess I will just take a little plane ride and spend Holy Week in Rome - yes you read that right... This little blonde girl is going to ROME for HOLY WEEK!! How sweet is that?

Let's see last night I went to the school play - two of the six cast members are friends so we got a big group together and decided to go get drinks before and then head to the play.  I wasn't going to go, but I have been doing some things I normally wouldn't do, but I have had so much fun doing them after I have chose to do them! Well the play wasn't the best thing I have ever seen, but it was student written.  However, having two friends in the play made it really fun to watch.  After the play we all decided we wanted to go out, but we were going to run home and drop our stuff off and eat and met up at sol around 11:30.  We went to bourbon cafe again - it was once again so much fun! We just danced the night away! I got home around 3am.  Also I went to bourbon with people I normally wouldn't just hang out with, but it was a blast! I am so glad I went.  I mean it probably isn't the best decision for me to be going out on Wednesday nights, but I am only in Spain once (when I am 20 after the packers win the Superbowl) Haha.

Nothing else is that exciting in my life at the present night.  I guess I have been just loving living in Spain lately.  I have been thinking about only having less than a month left in Spain and it is one of the most crazy feelings.  I cannot wait to go home but I don't want to leave Spain either.

Oh let me tell you about what I had for dinner tonight.  It is Thursday therefore Maya and I thought we were having pasta!  When we went downstairs - we got Gloria flowers for her birthday on Saturday - we gave Gloria flowers and then looked at what we were having for dinner.  Our plates consisted of carrots, celery, lettuce, and cauliflower with dip.  I was oh that is going to be a good first place.  Little did I realize this was my dinner along with some salad and a little tofu! Surprisingly it was very filling.  For dessert we had fruit salad! It was a great unexpected meal!!! Gloria also offered to make me pasta for lunch tomorrow before I leave for Rome and to also make me sandwiches to take with me on the plane tomorrow.

I really should be packing and getting everything ready for leaving for Rome tomorrow, but I am not really feeling it.  I have started packing and I will finish tomorrow morning.  Something else weird to think about is I only have five more days of classes and then finals.  Wow! Maybe I should start studying for finals sometime soon.

Well I think that is all for tonight and for about a week.  I will be home on Holy Saturday and be belonging on Easter if all goes well.  I hope everyone has a great Holy Week - remember the true meaning of this special week.  We are all preparing for the day we all are saved - Easter.  Let us all take the time to remember everything Jesus went though just for us.  Let us remember to give a little back.  Let us remember those close to us.  Let us take a little time out of our bus lives to thank Jesus for everything we have.  Let us celebrate eternal life!

See you all after Rome.

Paz y Amor. God Bless.

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