Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am a slacker

Well it is 8:15pm and I already know there is no way I am going to finish my blog about Rome tonight - lacking serious motivation.  So instead of not blogging at all I thought I would tell you about my Easter Sunday and reflect a little.  Don't worry I hope to finish my Rome blog for tomorrow - I won't leave you guys hanging for that long without knowing my Roman adventure.

This morning I got up and showered and got ready for church.  Before going to Rome I was getting sick and tired of having toast every single morning for breakfast and I wanted to have something different, however after having cornflakes for about 8 days straight (few breakfast at the hostel) nothing tasted better than some nice toast and fruit.  After breakfast I met up with Elizabeth to go to mass.  We met some of our other friends outside the metro and walked to church.  We got there around 10:40 and it was fairly empty, however, it was just a late arriving crowd - it was packed by 11:10.  It felt amazing to attend a "real" mass - with singing and everything.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until today.  After going to mass I realized I should have been going there all semester, but there I realized that would have only been two other times - it is hard when I have been gone most of the weekends.  Oh well.  Well there was this family sitting in front of us and they had a little boy probably around one and then a little girl around 4.  The little girl kept looking at me the entire mass and the finally after comunion I was kneeling and she came over to me and grabbed my hands and we starting playing something similar to patty-cake.  It was so cute - it really made me miss my kids at Almost Home.  I gave her my silly band and I loved seeing the smile on her face.  :)  At the end of mass she came up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever - I  have no idea if she was fluent in English (even though it was an English Parish).  The books the parents had for the kids were in German.  That brings me to another point about the parish.  I believe a large portion of the people attending mass, English was not their first language, but their English was better than their Spanish.  The mass seemed a little disorganized, but overall I really enjoyed it.  After mass my friends and I went out for Chinese food - great Easter meal.  I split chicken fried rice and chicken fried noodles with Lisa - we each ordered one and then went halfies on them.  It felt good going down, but as always Chinese food does not settle well after.  Oh well.

After lunch I had to go to Elizabeth's apartment to get the suitcase since she took it home with her to unpack her clothes.  When I got home I unpacked a little and then talked to mom and dad for a while - mostly about the food I want when I get home and all the places I plan on laying when I get home!  It was good to talk to them for a while! Love you guys! Also it is weird to think about that I only have about two and half weeks left in Spain.  This weekend I am going to Barcelona and then I come home and have finals and then a weekend and a final and then basically home.  It went by so quick, yet it feels like forever ago that I was boarding the plane to come to Madrid.  I have no idea how to explain it to you all - I will ponder it for a while and get back to you on a later date.

I also got to skype Kelsey True today.  She is so legit.  Almost too legit to quit.  Kelsey, I hope you enjoyed those pictures I drew for you!! I can not wait to hang out with you and all my other SLU buddies in three weeks!! So soon!!! Love you girl!!

That is all for tonight.  I will get back to writing my Rome blog until I fall asleep, which might be soon - I shouldn't be this tired, but I am exhausted! Oh and in case I forget in my Rome blog... A big thanks to Geoff Motz for all the great information and tips about Roma he gave me!! Thanks!! :)

Happy Easter everyone!! Spend some quality time with your family and friends today please!!

Paz y Amor.  God Bless.

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