Monday, February 7, 2011

A Birthday to Remember

Let me start off my saying it was really nice of the Packers to win the Superbowl on my birthday!! I don't know what could have been a better gift than bringing home the trophy to where it belongs! Go Pack Go.  Well let me tell you guys about my night - it was wonderful.  First I got to Skype with my family and they watched me open my present.  I got chocolate - thank the Lord - I have missed chocolate so much since I left Wisconsin - almost as much as I miss cheese.  I also got a map of Europe - Mom got it for me so I can plan where I want to travel next and to keep track of where I have all gone.  However, Dad knows my geography skills are at about a 3 out of 10 so he got the map for me so I would have a better understanding of where I was and where I was planning on going - Thanks Dad. I also got some office supplies! Thanks Mom and Dad - you guys are the best!!  Also thank you to all the people who sent me cards - they are great :) Oh I forgot to mention - Mom put confetti in everything!!! It got everywhere when I opened my gift!!

After Skyping with my parents I went to church at school.  The chapel on campus is very small - there were only 10 chairs and that whas even tight.  I miss 9pm mass at real SLU a lot.  Church here just isn't the same - we didn't even sing one song.  However, I like the atmosphere of this mass because it was small and I knew just about everyone there.  There are positives and negatives to both of the masses.  Well after mass I came home and Skyped with my parents a little so I could finish opening up my gift before dinner. When I went downstairs for dinner - Gloria had the table all set up with the good dishes and everything.  I didn't think my birthday dinner was going to be that special, but I was very very wrong.  Gloria went all out for my birthday.  The food was amazing and the conversation was great.  After we finished the main courses it was time for dessert.  Gloria went to the kitchen to get the dessert and on her way back she shut off all the lights.  At first I thought she accidently hit the light switch, but I was wrong.  She made me a birthday cake with a trick candle and everything.  It was perfect.  If Gloria hadn't done enough already she even got me a present - a sweater from H&M (see picture below).  I legit almost started crying of happiness and joy - I can't believe Gloria did all that just for me.  She really made me feel at home - and my 20th birthday is one I will never ever forget.  :)

After dinner was done I had to the chance to Skype with some more friends for my birthday - I even got to talk to Katie Keyser - First time we have Skyped since I have been in Spain! I was wonderful!! Love you sister.  Thank you to all that skyped my yesterday - you all made this birthday one of the best yet!!

Confetti EVERYWHERE!!!

My desk after opening my present!

Sweater my host mom gave me :)

Card from Mom, Dad, and Steven!

When 10:30 rolled around I left my apartment to go meet some friends at the metro to go to a bar to watch the Packer game.  The first bar we went to wasn't going to stay open for the whole game so we went to Sol to find a bar that was going to stay open for the game - we found one.  It was really crowded and we debating just going home and watching the game on our computers, but then a table opened up and we sat down - the position of the table wasn't the greatest, but it was better than standing for hours.  Watching the Superbowl in a bar in Madrid, Spain is not the same as watching it with my family in Wisconsin or even with friends in Saint Louis.  During the game Jackie (she is from Green Bay) and I talked about how much we miss Wisconsin and we wish we were there! I was getting really tired so at the end of the 3rd quater we headed out - it was about 3:30am.  When I got home people kept me updated on the game so I didn't miss anything - thanks guys!! I really can not believe the Packers legit won the Superbowl - it seems so unreal!! It was for sure a great birthday!!
Jackie and I at the bar - Go Pack Go.

I can not thank God enough for placing me in this host family - I am so lucky.  Everything was perfect yesterday!! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday in Madrid, Spain.

Well I am off to volunteer at the soup kitchen now.  Then I have a break to eat lunch and work on some homework and then classes.  I am going to bed early tonight! Not sure if I will be blogging later!  I will be planning some trips this week so I will keep you all updated on where I am going next :)

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