Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Soup Kitchen

The sun was shinning today and life was good :)  I got to school a little earlier tonight to accomplish some homework in the library.  Well it was all going well until two people decided it would be a great idea to talk LOUDLY in the library as I was trying to studying.  Anyways after the library Jackie and I went over to student life to ask where the soup kitchen was since Jackie got out of class later and we couldn't meet with the group that was going.  Well the person that was suppose to take us to the soup kitchen was sick so a student that went last semester showed us where the soup kitchen was.  She literally showed us the door and said have fun!  Well it was an adventure to say the least - but it was amazing! I have missed volunteering soo much!!

The soup kitchen was different from the ones in the States - the ones in the States are more cafeteria style where this one the people sit down and we give them the food.  It was crazy!!  Juan - one of the people in charge spoke a little English and was very kind.  When I answered him in Spanish he got really excited and told me I spoke well - not sure if it is true.  I will try to explain the process as best as I can, but I don't know if you will be able to understand without being present at the soup kitchen.  We walk into the place and there 8 tables of 3 to 4 people per table eating soup.  The first thing Juan tells us is just to watch and follow... So I grab a basket of bread and start walking around saying "quieres pan?" do you want bread?  After everyone finished we QUICKLY cleaned the tables and set up for the next round of people.  We wiped down the tables, put new glasses, spoons, and napkins on the table, and placed a bowl of soup on each table.  Then we will walk around with bread for a while and then comes the oranges and coffee.  Then the process starts all over again.  We did this about 6 times in the hour and half we were there - I loved it.  I felt right at home.  I cannot wait until Monday until Jackie and I go again.

I have been asked numerous times how I am keeping track of the hours I volunteer.  I was so taken back by this question at first - they made it seem as though I needed a reason to volunteer - for an organization or a class.  I was like I am not keeping track of my hours; I am just volunteering because that is what I truly love to do.  I could not imagine my life without volunteering.  Attending a Jesuit university is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I love how them put a huge emphasize on serving others - it is a perfect fit for me :)

Another challenge... Do something out of your comfort zone.  Go up to someone and introduce yourself to them.  Go to a party that your normally wouldn't.  Raise your hand in class instead of sitting in the corner not saying the correct answer.  Try a new food.  Just to something different!! I will if you will!!

That is all for tonight! I am going to a new bar with some of my friends tonight I believe - but I am not staying out late since I am still sick and I have class tomorrow morning!! It will be a more low key thing and just more hanging out!  Hope everyone is handling the snow okay!!

Paz y Amor. God Bless.


  1. YAY for Jesuit Universities molding us into Men and Women for others! I'm glad I picked SLU too. I agree ... volunteering rocks! You are a very special person and volunteering, especially when you don't even "have to", says a lot about your character. I'm lucky to have a friend like you.

    Have fun tonight!


    Ps. Run for APO president? :)

  2. the soup kitchen sounds so awesome! im glad you are going to do volunteering. I hope you feel better nuddy :)