Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today Madrid. Toorrow Africa.

Yes, you read right... Tomorrow I am going to Africa.  I know I have told everyone about 100 times that I am going to Morocco, but I am so excited! I really don't have too much to say tonight.  My midterms went well for the most part. I had EAS yesterday which went well and then a history midterm, which didn't go all that went - but I am pretty sure no one did that well on it.  Today I had my art history midterm - I believe it went well.  We shall see!! Also last night I had my first Bokatas meeting - this is the volunteer group where we make sandwiches and go onto the streets of Madrid and personally give them to the homeless.  I signed up for doing Wednesday or Sunday - we should be starting next week so I will let you all know how it is going.  I am pretty tired today after the long and busy week.  But I got to Skype mom last and the big brother today and I will get to see Dad's wonderful face tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will be studying most of the day and then planning a weekend trip to Granada, Spain with Elizabeth for her birthday weekend - next weekend! It will be really fun!! Well I am not in the blogging mood tonight and I doubt I will blog tomorrow - it is going to be a boring day filled with studying and then I am off to AFRICA.  aka the next time I blog I will have visited Africa.

Hope everyone is having a good week - enjoy the good weather in STL and back home - Oconomowoc.  Also good luck to Megan McNichols, Kelsey True, Scott Salamone, and Michael O'Neill and anyone else who has their Organic Chemistry test tomorrow! You will all do great!! :) Relax. Breathe. Accomplish.

Blog to you after I ride a camel in AFRICA.  Just so everyone knows my Morocco expeirence is jammed packed with a lot of culture and it will be an eye opening experience for sure.  I can not wait to share all my stories with everyone.  However, I get back on Tuesday night and I have a history midterm on Wednesday and an Ethics midterm Thursday so my blog might have to wait until Thursday night - but I will try my hardest to get it done before than :)

Paz y Amor. God Bless.

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