Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New bonds.

Well today was the day of my ethics class. Oh the joy I get from attending ethics.  Let me tell you about my day before ethics.  I had ancient art history which I honestly have really been liking.  The information in the class is interesting and I can actually understand the art we are looking  at.  Then I went and hung out with some friends in the lounge.  While in the lounge I ate my left over soy hamburger and wrote some postcards (which Ie was not able to send today because the Tabaco shop ran out of postage - LAME) I will try again tomorrow. Anyways while in the lounge I was talking to my new friend Colin who told me about the Loyola Prilgrimge/Retreat he is going on with SLU-Madrid in March.  As he talked about the more I got interested - so I went over to the finance office and signed myself up for that puppy!!

After this I had to meet with Colin, Mary Kate, and Anna to discuss over ethics homework.  Every person in the class had to sign up to make commentaries on a philosopher and we all picked the same one so we could all worked together - we had Plato.  It wasn't that difficult, I just really do not enjoy the class and I find the readings to be confusing and somewhat outdated, but I will muscle through it!!

After ethics me and some of my friends went to get sangria at a local place by school.  I believe I have formed many new bonds over sangria.  It is not like we are all getting drunk - well at least I am not - you should all know me better than that.  I just have about two glasses.  It is just a nice time to unwind after the day and talk to new friends - that will turn into life long friends - well at least some of them.

Something that has been on my mind today.  I hope you all take into account what I am about to say.  Being blunt and honest I believe is the best way to be.  At some times in your life it might be hard to tell someone how you feel or express emotions, but in the long wrong it will make things worse.  If you truly miss someone you should go ahead and say it - even if they don't feel the same way.  If you want to tell someone that you love them - then just say it.  Holding emotions in is never a good idea.  I know I am guilty of holding my emotions in numerous times, but I want to become more open and honest and express how I feel.  This might turn around and bite me in the butt, but I think the rewards will outweigh the negatives in this situation.  I want to challenge all you who read my blog to tell one person who you feel about them - and I think it is best to tell someone who you normally don't tell.  Pick someone that you haven't shared your feelings with in a while or if you don't feel comfortable doing that - just pick anyone that holds a special place in your heart, even if that is God - I am sure he likes to hear how much He means to us too :)

I hope you all enjoyed what was on my mind today! I just needed to share it with someone.  I don't think my brother, Steven, reads my blog, but I haven't told him how much he means to me lately.  Steven - you are my big brother and that alone makes you my hero.  Yes, you have made mistakes in your life, but haven't we all.  Seeing you strive to work through them shows me how lucky I am to be your little sister.  I know you will always be there for me no matter what I need! I seriously cannot express enough the love I have for you - you are the best big brother anyone could ask for.  I miss you a whole lot over here in Spain - I wish you were able to come for a visit - It would be amazing! But you need to focus on school, and I know you will do great! Thanks for just being my big brother!! I miss playing volley-hand-ball with you - or whatever we call it!! Can't wait to see you!!! Love you brother :)

Well that is all for tonight. 5 days until I will have beaten teenage pregnancy and celebrating my 20th birthday in España. Hope all is well for everyone!!

Paz y Amor.  God Bless.


  1. Thanks for the challenge. I'm going to take you up on it. I'll let you know the outcomes. :)

    Love you,


  2. Can I be the godmother of your child that will be born on October 6th, 2011?