Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tonight = not fun

Well today was good.  I got some studying done and got to FaceTime with mom and dad today! I cannot wait for them to come visit me :) it is going to be wonderful.

Tonight me and a bunch of my friends were suppose to go to a club called Kapital, however, it was one of the worst nights I have had here - yes it was an adventure but I don't plan to repeat it at all.  We started off the night at the Sangria Den which was a lot of fun - we went there at about 11.  After sangria we made our way to the club - Kapital.  When we got to the club the line to get in was forever long.  But have no fear said Lavi and Mary Kate we are on the guest list and we will get in free - let me just go talk to someone.  Well this didn't go over well - the guy at the door shoved us to the back of the line.  I was with a group or about 15 people - way too many.  We went to the back of the line and waited and then my friend said she could get us in for free so we went back up to the front and guess what... we didn't get in.  Then emotion started to show - especially all the drunk people.  It was just not a fun night and I hope it doesn't happen again.  In a way I am glad I came home early.  I have a lot of studying I want to accomplish tomorrow and I want to go for a run.

Some nights you win and some nights you lose.  Tonight I lost.  Oh well it was bound to happen at some point.

Good luck to Scott Salamone, Michael O'Neill, Kelsey True, and all you other pre-med students on your MCB test Friday! Rock it out!! I know you guys will all do great! I miss you all!

Paz y Amor. God Bless

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  1. Thanks, buddy! You're so sweet! I took a study break to come see if you blogged and ... what a nice surprise I found! :)

    I'm sorry your night was crappy. I think going on a run tomorrow will make you feel much better!

    Love and miss you always,