Sunday, February 13, 2011

El Rastro

Well I had an early morning – woke up at 7:30 after going to bed at about 1:45 to go to El Rastro – a huge and famous flee market in Madrid.  I got ready in about 16 minutes – yes 16 not 15 then walked to the blue line (number 1) of the metro – this will come into play later in my day story.  Well I rode the blue line to Gran Via and switched to the light green line and took that to La Latina.  I was to meet three friends at exit of the metro stop – La Latina.  I was a little worried I was late, but there was only one other girl when I got there so no worries.  On the website of El Rastro it says it starts at 7am – this is a straight out lie.  We started walking where the Rastro was at about 8:40 and there were no shops ready to go – the market actually starts at about 9am.  However, I would recommend getting there when it opens because it gets crowded really quick.  Overall El Rastro was interesting, but you kind of start to see the same thing over and over when walking up and down the streets.  And I have realized I am not that big of shopper.  Throughout the entire day I really didn’t find anything that really spoke to me.  I only say a scarf for 2euros that I really liked so I got that.  I was looking for presents for people but I didn’t find anything – mainly because I literally have no idea what to get ANYONE!! So if there is something anyone wants let me know or else I probably won’t people anything because I don’t want to get people junk or something they won’t like.  A lot of my friends were there today and absolutely loved it – I don’t know what is wrong with me that I really didn’t have the best of time – I guess shopping isn’t my thing. Haha.

Funny story from today:  I was with three of my friends walking around before most of the stands were set up and we were looking at some clothes at a stand that was open.  The older Spanish gentleman came up to me and asked if I spoke Spanish and I told me a little.  Then he proceeded to tell me my blonde hair looked Italian and showed me that the clothes were made in Italy – yea nice try buddy – there is no way I look Italian.  I politely told him I was from the United States.  Then my friends came over by and the Spanish guy asked if they spoke Spanish and they all said a little.  However, instead of talking to them in Spanish he looks over at me and tells me I know the most Spanish so I am suppose to translate for him – I was like okay?! Why do you think I know the most Spanish – everyone seems to think I am fluent in Spanish… I have no idea why.  Anyways this gentlemen proceeds to tell my friend Megan that she looks like a monja or nun.  After this comment me and my friends decided it was time to move on to a new stand… oh the memories of El Rastro.  The following pictures are all from El Rastro.

Star Wars in Spanish! I stopped to take a picture of these movies with my friend Kara for a friend and there were a lot older guys looking through all the movies so we thought there were going to be some good movies, however we were very very wrong.  After taking a closer look at the movies at the stand that the guys were looking at - they were all porn. Very classy Spain.

The above pictures are from El Rastro - and this one has me in it! You can really see the stands of the amount of people but I liked the pictures.

There were a couple of streets that had a lot of antiques on them - everything was so interesting.

Older cameras - taken for you, Katie Keyser.

I left the people I was with to go back home because I was tired and I had a lot to get done.  Well I must have taken a wrong turn to the metro stop I came on and was just walking because I knew I would find one eventually and I came across the section of El Rastro that sold flowers - it was beautiful.  Not only that but the metro stop I randomly found just so happened to me the same line I take to get home - I didn't even have to transfer trains - there was no need for me to freak out (I did a little). God was really watching out for me today! :)

Dinner tonight was interesting.  Gloria’s host student from last semester was living with her daughter however there was a HUGE miscommunication and the student (let’s just call her Betty) moved out.  The miscommunication came when Betty tried to explain to Glo (Gloria’s daughter) that she wanted more independence and was thinking about getting her own apartment.  I think mostly because of the language barrier the situation was blown out of proportion.  Betty is in my history class and she came over to Gloria’s for the first family dinner we had so I do know her.  When Gloria was telling me and Maya about it at dinner tonight I could tell that she was upset and she looked like she was going to cry.  I tried to comfort Gloria as much as I could with the little Spanish I know.  However, after she finished telling us about Betty and everything that happened we all starting talking – the beginning of the dinner was very quiet and somewhat awkward.  Overall I think we had a breakthrough tonight and I am not comfortable to talk to Gloria about everything – I hope she feels the same way about me. 

My friend texted me today telling me that people care too much about material goods.  I could not agree more with his statement.  He also told me that the reason he was studying abroad was to find himself.  This got me thinking – can a person ever really “find” themselves?  I think the answer is no.  We will always be having new experiences and changing ourselves to new situations – everyday you will be someone different.  I think this is beautiful – if you don’t like who you are today you can change to before someone different and better tomorrow.  I think I am guilty of this the most – not letting God take control and realize everything is going to turn out for the best.  I am rather stressed right now with applying for all these different internships especially being in Madrid it makes it a lot harder.  I have to send emails asking if I am able to mail the applications and if they can send me the application as a Word Document and trying to get letters of recommendation by email is a little difficult too.  I really didn’t want to be applying for internships during my midterms week, but I have too since I will be traveling the next weekend and most of the applications are due in the first week of March.  It is what it is.  It will all be okay because God is at my side – I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

Interesting facts about my blog as of yesterday:
(All numbers are excluding my views)
Total views: 1565
United States: 1392
Spain: 118
France: 22
UK: 12
Canada: 4
Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Taiwan: 2

I had no idea that this many people were reading my blog – it is actually very encouraging.  It is a good way for me to reflect on the day and share what is on my mind in a healthy way!! Well I have to go and study for my midterms and get some sleep today!

Paz y Amor. God Bless.

P.S. It was raining on my way home from church tonight, but I did have my umbrella with me - thanks Dad for making me buy an umbrella - I am really glad I did.  Also I wore heels to church tonight - That is about a 23 minute walk in heels there and a 23 minute walk back in heels.  Be proud everyone.  Love you all!


  1. Oh Sweet Pea, where do I begin. I must have know you were upset. I woke with such a start and fear for you last night and started praying for you. Of course God would answer my prayers by leading you to flowers. I hope you felt my prayers. As for the Spanish - have more confidence! How many years of Spanish have you taken and received A's every year? Relax and use God's gift to you of language. What is this about you not enjoying shopping? You are my favorite shopping budddy. We will have to practice when I come to visit. See you soon. Love, Mom

  2. thanks for the camera picture ;) I hope you get all your internship things figured out! you can do it! love you :)