Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Interest Creative Title Here.

Well Monday was my second time at the soup kitchen – I still love it.  This experience was a lot different than the first but still the same in some ways.  First the volunteers were different than the volunteers on Wednesday.  There was an older lady that “yelled” at me about five times during the hour and a half I was there – but oh well it happens.  My favorite volunteer though was another older Spanish lady.  She spoke no English and insisted on talking to Jackie and I in Spanish and very fast.  Jackie and I could understand most of what she was saying when we worked together on it – she was just so cute and funny.  She was like a grandma – it was wonderful.  I believe volunteering is more than just the people you are helping – it is about the people you meet while volunteering and the overall experience you have.  I love working with the homeless population – I really can’t explain why at all or why I enjoy working with this population.  I just do. 

Monday night I read a little for my classes, but I was so tired from the weekend I went to bed early to catch up on some sleep.  I am very glad I did that – I was much more productive today since I was well rested.  Today was a wonderful day.  The weather has been absolutely amazing here the past week, which always makes for a happy Toria when the sun is shining.  Anyways my Art History class was once again interesting.  I never thought I would find ancient art interesting, but I really like it and my professor is great which makes the class interesting.  After my Art History class I ran into Elizabeth who was holding a plastic bag for me.  She is like it is a little late, but here is your birthday present.  Background: before my birthday I told Elizabeth one of the only things I wanted was a funfetti cake.  Back to the story: When I opened up the bad there was funfetti frosting and funfetti cupcakes! It was wonderful.  She had her mom bake the cupcakes and then her dad, brother, and sister are in Spain this week so they brought them over from the States for me! It was wonderful! Once again I felt so loved :)

After lunch Elizabeth and I went to book our flight for Spring/Easter break.  We decided we wanted to go to Rome even though it was expensive – it is going to be a once in a life time opurtnity to spend most of Holy Week in Rome.  I can not wait.  We are also hoping to go to Greece for a little bit during Spring Break.  We haven’t looked that closely into it though – we just wanted to book our flight to Rome so we have some where to go!! I am not sure if anyone else will be joining us for this trip, but that is totally fine with me.  I am looking forward to more of a relaxing trip rather than a jammed back tourist trip.  I hope it all works out.

Ethics once again was miserable.  I don’t know why, but I am just not a fan of that class.  I try so hard to understand the readings and answer the reading questions, but it never works for me.  I try to pay attention in class and comprehend what my professor is telling me, but again it doesn’t always work.  I might go in to talk to my professor to see if she has any advice for me.

Tonight I went to dinner with Elizabeth and her family (her dad and younger brother and sister).  It was a lot of fun and the food was wonderful!  I had salmon.  The restaurant we went to was really nice – Posada de la villa – it was close to sol.  Mom and Dad we should go there when you guys come to Madrid.  It is little expensive, but we could go for your birthday Dad! The restaurant even gave all the ladies roses at the end of the meal – I thought it was so cute.  After dinner we went to a famous churros place in sol – Mom and Dad we will also have to go here!! It was really nice to meet part of Elizabeth’s family – thanks again for inviting me to dinner.  Tonight walking back from the metro stop to my apartment I felt very safe - I was walking at about 11:15pm.  It was of the first times I have felt completely safe walking in Madrid at night - I think it is because I am becoming more familiar with the city and it is truly starting to feel like home! It felt great!!

Gloria emailed me some of the photos she has taken since I have been here so I will share those with you tonight! Hope you enjoy :)

Glo (Gloria's daughter) Maya and me working on a puzzle one of the first days I was in Spain.

Elizabeth, Megan, Maya, and me at dinner.  Gloria invited my friends for dinner.  We had a lot of fun :)

Maya and me during my birthday meal - I will never forget this night!

My delicious birthday cake, complete with a trick candle and all!!

Me with the beautiful sweater Gloria got me :)

Mi familia de España - My Spanish family!!

Oh one my thing - Gloria has a cold - she probably got it from me so I haven't gotten my kisses all day.  I didn't think I would miss them, but I sure have!! I hope she feels better soon!!  Also I got a birthday card from Thomas Hafner - thanks buddy!! I loved it.  I am still waiting the arrival of Kelsey's and Katie's cards - I hope they both come soon!! Well that is all for tonight!!

Paz y Amor. God Bless.