Friday, February 11, 2011

Too Legit to Quit.

First thank you to Kelsey True for creating the title of my blog - my creative juices are for sure lacking tonight.  I think it is actually studying I did today.  I studied for my Art History midterm, my EAS midterm, and did my ethics homework.  I am actually being a student.  I also went for a run this morning - another 3K - but I was dieing today. Oh well, it can only get easier I hope.  After my ab workout I walked around the park and decided to lay down by the fountains and take a 20 minute nap in the sun.  I love the sun so much.  Today was rather boring - I just worked on homework and looked for internships.  I am looking for an internship closer to home for an option.  As I was looking for internships I came across  It sounds amazing and something I want to look more into - however, at first glance it looks like I need to be fluent in Spanish - good thing I am studying in Spain - I better get working though!

I have decided not to do anything tonight and just lay low and finishing going through my EAS notes instead of going out.  Tomorrow I think I am going to go shopping and explore Madrid with my friend Megan.  I want to go to the Templo de Debod and the Madrid Cathedral and walk around the Plaza de España.  I am living in one of the greatest cities in Europe and I feel like I haven't seen that much of the city so I thought tomorrow would be a great time to explore and see some Madrid things.  Tomorrow night is my family birthday party.  We are celebrating all the February birthdays tomorrow including mine! It should be a good time! A lot of Spanish - hopefully I will be more talkative at this one, but it is so intimidating talking Spanish when it is their first language. I don't have that much fear in front of Gloria, because she always tries to help me with my Spanish and I am sure the rest of her family would do the same thing, but it is still a little nerve racking.

Sunday I was suppose to go to a bull fight according to my friends here, but after doing my own research I found out the bull fights don't start until the second week in March - so I guess I am not doing that on Sunday.  I might try to go to the market on Sunday, but I haven't decided.  Gloria might be making churros for Maya and me on Sunday morning so if that is the case I am going to stay here and go to the market another weekend.

So I have been listening to the GLEE radio station on iTunes since Pandora doesn't work here.  iTunes actually has a lot of good radio stations that have saved me in the last couple of days! I was starting to get sick of my music and I didn't know where to turn!

Well I think that is all for tonight!  Have a good weekend everyone! Be safe! I hope the MCB test went well for everyone - the people I have talked to it seems like it wasn't a bad test.  Oh and thank you to Kelsey True for the very nice letter!! Love you buddy!!

Paz y Amor. God Bless.

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