Friday, February 4, 2011


First let me apologize for not blogging yesterday – but I just needed some good old fashion alone time.  Well let me think back to what happened on Thursday… The day was rather normal, I believe.  I went to classes and hung out at school.  Thursday was really nice so I spent the time between classes outside in the sun! As my facebook status said on Thursday – “The sun is my true love”   I am in such a better mood when it is sunny out and I feel like the majority of the population is.  After ethics on Thursdays there is a group of us that normally goes out to get sangria – well the group was very large yesterday about 12 people and I wasn’t feeling hanging out with that many people.  I decided to my postage – finally and find the park with the track so I could start running.  I successfully found the park and found my way back home – I am starting to understand Madrid a little better and I really like it. 

Some of my friends are in the dance class here and their teacher was took them to a Salsa club Thursday night and they could invite other people to come.  It seemed like everyone was going to pregame at this girls apartment and then go to the Salsa club – I was just not feeling going out.  Side note I did go out Wednesday night.  It was an alright time except I came up the wrong exit on my metro stop and had to walk about 7 extra minutes to my house alone at about 130 in the morning so that wasn’t too fun – don’t really want to do that again.  Anyways I decided to have a low key night and do nothing besides watch a movie on my computer and fall asleep at 11 – it was wonderful and everyone that I have told that I did that they were super jealous.  Well that was my Thursday.

Friday was overall wonderful.  I started by going for my first run in Spain.  The track I run on is a 1km track and I ran 3 laps so 3km aka 1.8miles – I was feeling pretty good.  At this park there are benches and like work out machine but it looks like a playground – it is hard to describe.  However, I decided to do an ab workout on one of the benches made for doing abs, but I got a lot of weird looks – maybe it was because I was wearing a shirt that had a huge Billiken on the front of it. Oh well – it felt great to actually work out again, but I am already feeling it.

After my run and getting ready I met up with Elizabeth to find the hotel her dad and siblings are staying at when they arrive on Monday – the hotel is in sol.  Oh on the way to walk to meet Elizabeth I was wearing my plaid dress (see picture below) and I got hit on my creeping old Spanish men – it was not fun, but I had my ipod in and just kept on walking.  After we found the hotel we started to walk to Retiro Park – a pretty famous park in Madrid.  We didn’t really know where it was, but it was a gorgeous day so we just kept on walking until we found where we wanted to be – at the park by this lake with row boats you can rent.  We probably walked about 2-3 miles more today after I ran about 2 miles.  But I am still feeling good – just a little sore.  Anyways we just hung out in the park and had a picnic and then when the people who had classes on Fridays came and joined us for a while. 

Megan and Elizabeth came home with me and my Senora made us a wonderful meal!! After we just had a chill night and hung out at my house and watched She’s the Man.  It was nice to just stay in hang out with some people without worrying about transportation and meeting up and if things are going to be free and all that jazz.

 Just hanging out with people at home or in my apartment is something I really miss about home.  So I am very thank fun that my senora allows me to have people over and that she offered to cook them dinner!! I have to say I am really blessed with the senora I got – I have heard some awful stories!!

Also if you are going to send my anything here is my address again:

Victoria Lubner
%Gloria Arranz
Calle San Rogelio 7 *1 
Madrid, Spain 28039

Remember the * sign is actually a degrees sign!! Hopefully this works!! 

Paz y Amor. God Bless.

Well the plan for tomorrow is to run in the morning and then accomplish some homework and the met up with people at the park since it is suppose to be almost 60 tomorrow and then we are going out for my birthday tomorrow night! I can not believe I am almost 20 years old that is just so crazy!! Then Sunday is my real birthday and the Superbowl! It should be a great weekend.  Well I am off to bed now.  Sorry I don’t have a challenge or something I have been thinking about – I might post one tomorrow morning!! Love you all!!

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