Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homesickness Hit

Today was the first time I actually felt homesick.  I have just been doing too much all the time and I think it finally caught up with me.  I talked to mom and she helped a lot. Thanks mom.  To be honest I don't really feel like blogging tonight, so this is going to be extra short.  Another reason I think I felt homesick is I am stressed. I like to plan just about everything so it is hard for me when I don't know what is going to happen.  I am having a hard time deciding if I want to apply for internships or take classes this coming summer.  I need to remember to let God handle it.  I leave for Paris tomorrow, so this will be my last blog until Sunday.  I am excited to go on my first real trip! It should be fun, even though there are some things stressing me out.  It will all be okay.

Side note: I really like my environmental class :) I know I am in the right major!!

Something funny that happened today: I was talking to this boy Zach in my class and asked him if he was going running after class - he normally does.  He proceeded to tell me that he is getting bored with just doing the same thing every time - since it is expensive to join a gym here.  He told me he wants to bike or just do something different.  At some point in the conversation Zach told me he picks up rocks at the track people run at and uses them as weights.  Just imagine seeing someone (an American) lifting rocks to workout.  I thought it was rather funny :)

Hope everyone is having a good week :) Paz y Amor. God Bless.  Blog to you Sunday ;)


  1. I hope the homesickness passes! We all miss you too!! A lot! That is a funny image of him...I would have never thought of doing that!! I wish I could be running outside here, but it is too cold! The gym here is much worse than SLU :( have fun in Paris, and hopefully you will have time to skype with me once you get back! I cannot wait to hear about all of your travels! Love you and travel safe!

  2. Toria I agree with what Stephanie said- I hope the homesickness passes soon! I also hope that your stress starts to go down as everything starts to fall in place- it's so nice how you are finally 100% sure that you're going to Morocco, you're starting to settle into classes, and you are becoming assimilated into the Spanish culture! It's also awesome how you already have met so many people and have bonded so well with them! I think that I am very similar to you in the way that we both like to have everything planned out in advance. And I also agree that this mentality, while very useful and efficient, also causes you more stress when you are unable to plan things in advance. I think that studying abroad will help unleash a little bit of your "spontaneity"; you probably won't realize it now, but I'm sure that when you come back you'll see how you have grown to thrive a little on the thrill of being spontaneous and doing things that were unplanned! Remember that all of us back home are thinking of you; you have such a great support system here! We are all so happy for you as you get to explore the world... literally! As I've said before, I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures- I'm so jealous of all of the adventures you're having! And I'm sure that Paris will be wonderful- can't wait to hear from you on Sunday :)