Monday, January 17, 2011

Simple but wonderful

Nothing all that exciting happened to me today.  I went to school around noon and hung out with friends, ate lunch, and ran some errands.  I figure out where to get postage to send mail - the tabaco (sp?) shop of all places.  I also bought some post-it notes, because I was literally dieing without them - now I can start making all my lists!! :)

School was good today, nothing exciting.  I think I am really going to enjoy my Environmental class this semester - it is an issues class about Latin America.  My history class on the other hand will be tolerable.  I am just not the biggest fan of history, but I will try my best.  I actually got homework today - I have to read about 30 pages about the Renaissance.  Not too bad, but I am just not that interested in so me of the information, but I am trying to make the best of it.

Dinner tonight was again a lot of fun! Maya and I had some nice conversations - it was just so natural.  For dinner we had "Spanish Pizza" - Gloria wouldn't let us call it pizza, but it was pizza with out sauce basically.  We also had salad and something similar to a veggie burger.  And the best part of the meal was.... wait for it... MANGO for desert.  One night at dinner we were talking about our favorite fruits and I would Gloria that mine was mango, and she explained to me that it is really expensive right now because it is not in season... but then she bought some for me.  It was wonderful :) it made me feel sooo loved.  Also at dinner we got on the subject of sangria and how Gloria would be okay with us drinking sangria at the house and getting a little tipsy.  It was a really funny moment and I felt like we were a family - however, I think it was one of those moments where you had to be there.  Sorry that my story telling skills aren't the best.

Well that is all for today - sorry no pictures.  But for some reason today was just really good.  There wasn't really anything that special that happened today, but I think I felt like this was finally my home.  It was a good feeling to have! Ohh and Dad I had chicken for lunch! More meat just for you buddy!! Love you!!  Tomorrow I have ethics and art history.  Shouldn't be all that exciting, but after class I am meeting up with some friends to finalize our plans to Paris!!! We are planning to make our plans over some sangria.  Most of the SLU friends and other friends start school tomorrow - I would just like to wish all of you luck on the upcoming semester - rock it out guys!! Paz y amor. God Bless.


  1. It sounds like your classes are going well! You'll have to let me know how that ethics class goes- I have to take philosophy eventually, and I have to admit that I'm not too psyched about it haha. Anyways, I love how you seem to be bonding with your "family" over there! AND I am insanely jealous that you are planning to go to PARIS!!!!!!! C'est magnifique! Oui oui!!! And that is the extent of my French haha. I loooove looking at your pictures on facebook- tonight I have to go and send you a million notifications from commenting on your Toledo album, so I hope you're looking forward to that ;) I'm looking forward to future blog entries!!!! Love ya :)

  2. oh and I forgot to mention that I'm sorry your Morocco trip didn't work out :( But at least you've got Paris to look forward to, and who knows, maybe something even BETTER will come your way!!!!