Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toledo - I'm moving

First let me start off by saying how much I appricate all the comments that were left regarding my previous blog - I can not express how much all of your words mean to me.  I want my blog to be a place I can openly share my feelings with people.  It was great to see that when I put myself out there I got a very positive response.

Today I traveled to Toledo, Spain.  Toledo is bigger than Segovia, but smaller than Madrid - the views were wonderful.  Toledo is in a valley, so when we arrived in the morning it was filled with fog - you couldn't even see the buildings.  However, as the day progressed the fog cleared and it was a beautiful day.  The scenery was unreal.  I literally fell in love with Toledo and Spain in general today.  Part of me wants to move!!!

These pictures do not do justice to the beauty that was present in this city.  However, being the geo-nerd I am this city will not last forever since it is built on a hill and the hill will eventually erode away.  To be honest ever since I have taken my Surface Processes Geology class I have never looked at a rock or a land form the same way again - which is good because I know that I was truly interested in the subject.

Tomorrow is my first full (four days) of classes.  Sometimes I keep forgetting that I have to go to school and I am not just here to travel, but I still will have the time of my life.  Hahaha. Sometimes I even make myself laugh.  Ohh I know my postal code so if anyone would like to send me letters while in Spain this is my address:

Victoria Lubner
Calle San Rogelio 7, 1* C
Madrid, Spain 28039

** This symbol is in place of a degrees sign.  AKA insert a degrees sign where * is. Let me know if you have questions about my address.  Also please don't send me packages - it would be too expensive and I don't really need anything.  Thanks!!

Well I believe that is all for tonight! Wait... one more thing... The Packers kicked some Falcon butt last night!!! Go Pack Go. I am still bleeding Green and Gold over in Spain.  WHEN the Packers make it to the SuperBowl (which is on my birthday, February 6th - in case you were wondering) I will be staying up all night to watch the game!! It will be wonderful!! Well as always, Paz y amor.  God Bless.


  1. 1. Yay for beauty!
    2. Yay for letters!
    3. Yay for your Birthday!
    4. GO BEARS!!!

  2. That scenery is absolutely breathtaking! :) I am so jealous!

  3. woo go pack!!

    I am so glad you are having a good time! I hope you get into your Morocco trip! I loved reading your past posts because I hadn't read the last couple and loved catching up on your life! I miss you lots, but it looks like you are having a ton of fun and making a ton of friends over there!

    Love you and miss you tons!

  4. haha Toria I basically laughed out loud when you were talking about the city... and how it's going to erode away because it's on a hill. haha I loved how were so matter-of-fact! lol. I LOVE reading your blog- I'm probably going to re-read a lot of your entries eventually! haha. It seems like you are having a GREAT time over there- you are soooo busy traveling and experiencing the Spanish culture! I love how you are already immersing yourself into the culture :) And it seems like your host mom is the bomb-diggity ;)

  5. I laughed too when you said that the hills will erode haha :) you smarty pants you! Toledo looks sooo beautiful, i can see why you would want to move there! Im so glad you are having the time of your life! I really hope you can still get on a trip to morocco, i know you were so looking forward to it. I miss you but i know you are having an amazing time! love you! pray for you all the time!