Friday, January 21, 2011

A realization.

Today Elizabeth and I went shopping and explored our neighbor of Madrid a little bit.  We went to a travel agency that her parents are using called Madrid and Beyond to see if they had advice for us since we don't have classes on Fridays.  They were very helpful and we are excited to start planning day trips :)  Shopping was a lot of fun as well.  I purchased a black cardigan since I didn't have one and apparently it is a staple piece of clothing or at least that is what my friends told me.  And I always purchased this amazing hoodie:

It is so me and so bright.  I stand out with wearing bright clothes in Madrid - but oh well. I like to express my bubbley personality.

When I got back from shopping today I checked my email - I found out there is another trip going to Morocco for the same weekend as before.  I was really upset when I got this email because I literally booked my flight to Brussels 24 hours before.  As soon as I got the email I texted my mom to see what her opinion was.  Mom and Dad both agreed that going to Morocco would be a great experience - they knew my main goal in coming to Spain to study was to spend a weekend in Africa and experience the culture - but I just booked a flight to Brussels.  I really didn't want to waste the money on a flight, but my parents insisted I sign up for the Morocco trip.  After thinking it over myself I think they are right.  I wanted to travel to Africa and I have the chance now.  My Brussels flight was about 60 American dollars which is not that expensive.  So I have made my decision and I will be going to Morocco :)

However, through this little experience I had a realization - I have the best parents anyone could ask for.  They love me so much and are willing to do anything to make me happy.  I know I have said it numerous times before, but I really can't thank them enough for everything they do for me.  Mom and Dad you will never know how much you mean to me.  You have given me everything I have ever needed and wanted and so much more.  You taught me what i t means to be an outstanding person.  You taught me what is important in life and how to carry myself as a strong Catholic women. You guys are seriously the best and I would be lost with out you.  I love you guys and miss you much!!!

Just in case you guys were missing my face in the last couple of post! This is me at the meeting fountain in Sol - where we went shopping and where the nightlife is.

Miss you and love you all.  Paz y amor. God Bless.


  1. I WAS MISSING YOUR FACE!!! How did you know? ;)

    Morocco all the way!

    Love you!

  2. Great hoodie, but I think it is going to clash with the purse. :) Thanks for all the nice comments. As I said before, you are the BEST daughter and I am very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love and miss you. Go Pack Go.
    Love, Mom
    P.S. If you keep posting mushy stuff about me I'm going to have to buy a new keyboard, because tears and computers don't get along well.

  3. I'm glad you get to go to Morocco!!! and i was missing your face :) that picture is super cute! that sweatshirt is totally you!!!

    love you nuddy!