Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mango es la palabra mágica

Let me start by saying I am really enjoying my time in Spain, and I can not thank my parents enough for letting me have this opportunity.  Yesterday I was asked by a close friend of my back home if I am glad I made the decision to study abroad this semester where I wasn't going with a good friend.  The question caught me a little off guard for some reason - I mean I have thought about what it would be like to be studying abroad with some of my closest friends and I have come to conclusion that both experiences would be different but amazing none-the-less.  However, for me I believe I made the right choice to come to Spain where I didn't know anyone that well.  And I am please to say I have made friends quickly - which isn't that surprising because I am a pretty cool person - just kidding!! When talking to other students that have studied abroad before some of them told me they met some of their best friends while studying abroad.  Even though I have only been here not even two weeks I can tell already that I will stay close friends with the people I have met here.  I also know I will learn them inside and out because of all the traveling we are going to be doing.

Speaking of traveling - I booked a flight to Brussels in February!!  So excited! I never thought I would go to Brussels while studying in Spain, but oh well I know it will be amazing! Maya (my housemate) is going there when I am going to Paris so she will be able to tell me all about it! It is exciting planning trips around Europe - also my flight to Brussels was 40 euros round trip so about 65 american dollars.  I would say that is CHEAP!! The next step is to plan trips for when mom and dad are here and maybe a weekend in February.  Not really sure yet.  The plan is still to go to Italy for Easter Break and if all possible go to Greece for a couple of days.  I will keep you all posted :)

Classes went well today.  I am finding myself very interested in Ancient Art History - the class I was least excited for I am actually enjoying! I find the methods and techniques used in the paintings to be unbelievable.  The thought and the detail that went into each painting is unreal to me.  Something exciting that happened today - I was actually able to answer two questions in my ethics class.  Philosophy and I have never really gotten along that well before, but I am trying my hardest to understand what these so called "philosophers" are preaching to me.

Today after class me and three friends went to a local bar to get sangria.  This was my third time having sangria and they have all been very different.  Today's might have been my favorite - it was more "winey" then the others but still very sweet.  I think we have a new tradition of going to get sangria on Thursdays after we are done with class.  I would not be opposed to it at all.  It is a nice time to talk and start the weekend off.

Anyways, why my blog is titled "Mango es la palabra mágica".... Well tonight Gloria made pasta and I probably had a little more - no a lot more - then I should have.  And I was pretty full and then Gloria asked Maya and I if we would like mango something - after I heard the word mango I was hooked.  Gloria could see/hear my excitement and said "Mango es la palabra mágica" or mango is the magic word.  It was great.

Well I believe that is all for tonight.  Some of my friends and I are going out tonight - but something low key.  I think we might go to a bar and just hang out.  Not really sure - all I know is I want to be back before the metro stops running - so I should be home around 2.  Tomorrow I will be going to Sol with Elizabeth to find this travel agent place - Madrid and Beyond - to see if they have any recomendations for things to do in and around Madrid, since we both don't have classes on Fridays.  And then some of our other friends are meeting us there to go shopping.  Then I am going to Salamanca and El Escorial this weekend.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a good week and classes are going well for those who started school this week.  I hope you enjoy this post.  Paz y amor.  God Bless.

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  1. I'm so glad you are making such close friends! thats great!! and you get to go to Brussels! Art History is so interesting, i complained about that class, but a secretly liked it haha. Gloria sounds so awesome :) I'm so glad you have her as a host mom. I hope you have a fun weekend!